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The harsh winter weather has not helped our skin feel or look its best. So these two products have been selected to make your skin feel like you have just stepped out from a salon facial.

Mild Scrub (Exfoliator)
As our skin ages, it does not renew itself at quite the same speed as it once did. The dry dead skin cells that sit on top of our skin need to be buffed away, because they cannot absorb moisture. Therefore, until they are exfoliated, it does not matter how much moisturiser we apply, it will not be absorbed, giving skin a greasy look but dry feeling.
This Mild Scrub is comprised of ground white marble powder with perfectly spherical particles to ensure our complexion is gently polished and refined without abrasion or irritation.

Vita – A – Kombi Oil
This superlight advanced oil contains concentrated vitamins A and E, which are perfect for combating anti-ageing , dry dehydrated skin, and protection from exposure to harsh and severe weather conditions. Superb to use at this time of year after exfoliating and underneath your moisturiser, it works as a wonderful food boost for the skin.

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